Re: VIA Southbridge bug (Was: Crash on boot (2.4.5))

From: David Grant (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 15:27:56 EST

I'd be interested in testing any fixes for the VIA Southbridge chip. I have
an ASUS A7V133. I was having problems with the IDE controller, but I've
switched to the on-board Promise IDE and it works fine. I couldn't get rid
of the DMA timeout errors with my VIA vt82c686b, even with the latest
patches. I even completely disabled DMA (through .config options) and I
although I didn't get DMA timeout errors anymore, everything still came to a
halt under heavy disk usage.

Would it be a good idea to form a small mailing list of people with VIA
chipsets (vt82c686b only)? Then perhaps we could communicate with Vojtech
more easily, and the VIA southbridge problems might end a little quicker.
It seems like there are a bunch of people still having the VIA problems.

David Grant

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Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 12:57 PM
Subject: RE: VIA Southbridge bug (Was: Crash on boot (2.4.5))

> I'd love to help out with testing (alas, my kernel coding skills aren't
> up to fixing this kind of problem). Heck, if it trashes my linux
> install, no biggie... I've got it ghosted to an image elsewhere...
> Anyone wanting to work on this just drop me an email.
> -- andyw

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