Re: all processes waiting in TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE state

From: James Stevenson (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 15:10:19 EST


i have been looking at it a lot over the past few days i seem to be the
person who can trigger it easyest.

over the past couple of days i have been running with the
no problems seem to have appeared there though and the bug still triggers.

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Jeff Dike wrote:

> said:
> > I am running in to a problem, seemingly a deadlock situation, where
> > almost all the processes end up in the TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE state.
> > All the process eventually stop responding, including login shell, no
> > screen updates, keyboard etc. Can ping and sysrq key works. I
> > traced the tasks through sysrq-t key. The processors are in the idle
> > state. Tasks all seem to get stuck in the __wait_on_page or
> > __lock_page.

i also seem to get ut ub __wait_on_buffer and ___wait_on_page


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