From: Sam Halliday (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 11:50:03 EST

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    i am fairly new to linux, i need it's fast number crunching powers
for my research... and i have only recently begun to have a look at the
kernel (i believe every workman should know his tools)..... but i have
noticed that supermount is not a standard part of the project, is there
any reason why this is? is it due to man power? i would have been less
shocked by the absense of other features in the kernel such as sound and
radio support, supermount seems to me to be essential in any operating
    i apologise if this is a very silly question or if i have posted
this question in the wrong place, but please excuse me, im new to this
whole world.

and keep up the good work, i wish i knew more about the whole thing so i
could contribute something.

Sam, Ireland

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