Re: Re: AMD thunderbird oops

Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 11:24:11 EST

    I have a heat sink and it is huge about 2 inches, plus fan. Plus another 4" fan in the case. (real nice case).

    I think it is the memory, as yesterday my gcc was bombing with 'internel compiler error', which is usually a good mem tester. So I started setting mem=64m and things worked better and the install went all the way through. I think I need to slow my drams down a bit or add some delay in the bios settings.

   The oops says something like 'kernel null pointer at address 0x000000'. How do I 'catch' the output of an oops when the filesystem goes and I get ext2fs errors and am forced to reboot and manually run e2fsck?

    Lastly with the mem=64M or mem=128M when I do a make dep, I get an error message that says Error 'missing seperator'. What does that mean? It stops in the drivers/net dir when I get this message?


Alan Cox <> wrote:
> > I just upgradede my system to an 1200Mhz AMD Athlon Thundirbird (266Mhz FSB) processor / 512Meg of RAM, and an Asus kt7a motherboard. >
> It is oppsing left and right. I recompiled the kernel with Athelon as the CPU but keep getting these oopses..
> I also get these same problems while trying to install RH 7.1
> Anyone know is this a supported processor / MB and has anyone had these problems?

Random oopses normally indicate faulty board cpu or ram (and the fault may
even just be overheating or dimms not in the sockets cleanly). I doubt its
the board design or model that is the problem, you probably jut have a faulty
component somewhere if its oopsing randomly even during installs and stuff

memtest86, and heatsink compound may be your best friends

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