[OT] Re: Thrashing WITHOUT swap.

From: Daniel Phillips (phillips@bonn-fries.net)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 11:02:51 EST

On Monday 25 June 2001 11:21, Helge Hafting wrote:
> If it still is too slow - add RAM or run fewer/smaller apps.
> Opera is a low-memory alternative to netscape. Avoiding
> gnome/kde apps when plain X apps are available is also a good idea
> when you're short on memory. Using low resolution and low-color
> modes might help a little if you do lot of graphics. But then
> you might not want that.

Further to that, I followed Alan's lead and installed xfce. My laptop, which
was really suffering under Gnome with 64 meg (much more so under KDE) is
suddenly light on its feet. Not to mention that it built from source in
under 10 minutes and installed with zero 'interesting problems'.

After another year of optimizing the kernel to handle bloatware better, and
at the same time encouraging the 'big desktop' side of Linux to follow the
lead of these lightweight alternatives[1] we will be looking pretty good.


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