Re: Annoying kernel behaviour

From: Gerd Knorr (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 02:41:56 EST

> >There are no conflicts, and PCI should be able to share anyways.
> That's the theory now for some time, has never worked. Even hacking
> the SCSI driver, any attempted IRQ sharing kills my systems. Even my
> quad ethernet is not successful at sharing IRQs with itself, in 2+ very
> different motherboards.

For bttv I know that irq sharing works in some cases and not on others.
Last not-working report was bttv sharing with a nvidia. Moving the
grabber board to another PCI slot (nvidia having a exclusive irq then,
bttv shared the irq with something else) fixed it.


Damn lot people confuse usability and eye-candy.
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