Re: Some experience of linux on a Laptop

From: Eric W. Biederman (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 03:38:22 EST

David Lang <> writes:

> if you don't preserve things running in userspace what advantage do you
> have over rebooting?

I use it as part of a bootloader. Allowing me to boot one kernel
directly from another. I guess it really is a soft reboot that never
touches any BIOS. I don't know if anyone else would get value from it.
> if you do preserve userspace stuff then you need to also preserve the
> kernel state related to each user process (including network connections,
> etc), and here you are back into the problem that the kernel structures
> may change on you.

Preserving userspace without out any help from user space is quite
a tricky business. Though with user space help it is fully doable
though it may be a lot of work.

What I have doesn't address perserving user space. I offered because
I didn't know what was wanted. An easy kernel upgrade without touching
running processes or a just a fast way to get into a new kernel.

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