broken 2.2 IDE CD-RW (was Re: plain 2.2.X: no ide CD-RW?)

From: Anil B. Somayaji (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 19:36:01 EST

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Guest section DW <> writes:

> On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 01:42:38AM -0600, Anil B. Somayaji wrote:
> > For a while now, I've been running a 2.4 kernel, but (for my research)
> > I need to now run a 2.2 kernel. I was hoping to just run a stock
> > 2.2.19, but I've found that I can't use my CD-RW drive, either as a
> > plain IDE cdrom, or as a scsi-emulated one. (I have ide-scsi, ide-cd,
> > and scsi all as modules.)
> >
> > I have these problems with 2.2.1[7-9] & 2.2.20pre5. However, if I add
> > one of the IDE patches, all is well. 2.4 kernels have never given me
> > these sorts of problems.
> Probably easy to sort out if you tell us which ide patch (with URL)
> you apply to make it work.

Sorry, I was referring to the backport of the 2.4 IDE code to 2.2.
I'm currently using ide. successfully, which I got from:

I've used several similar patches, though. Stock 2.4 kernels work
fine with my CD-RW as well; however, I've now discovered that plain
2.2 kernels do not. This could easily be a long-standing problem,
probably at least a year old - I've only recently stumbled across it,

Since I have a solution (use the 2.4 IDE backport), this isn't
critical; however, since many people still rely on 2.2, and I'd like
to use a stock 2.2 kernel if possible, I'm willing to spend some time
debugging this.



(A bit of background: Before I got my CD-RW drive last summer, I
bought an OnStream DI-30 drive. This drive was then only supported on
2.2 with the 2.4 IDE backport, and so I've used this drive
successfully with 2.2.16 + 2.4 IDE patch, and a similar combination
since. Since stock 2.2.19+ now support this drive through the osst
patch, I thought I'd try it out. It does work, but at the cost of
losing my CD-RW.)

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