Re: What are the VM motivations??

From: Stephen Satchell (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 15:33:58 EST

At 03:26 PM 6/24/01 -0300, Rik van Riel wrote:
>On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Jason McMullan wrote:
> > Uhh. That's not what I was ranting about. What I was
> > ranting about is that we have never 'put to paper' the
> > requirements ('motiviations') for a good VM, nor have we
> > looked at said nonexistent list and figured out what instrumentation
> > would be needed.
>But we have. The fact that you missed the event doesn't
>make it any less true.

URL, please?

If the requirements/motivations were "put on paper" getting them on the Web
is not a big deal. If it's *only* on paper, I can give you my fax number
and I'll be happy to put it up on the Web.


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