anyway to stop dma timeouts in 2.2.19?

From: safemode (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 12:41:28 EST

I never got dma timeouts running 2.2.19 before installing my promise ata66
card and CDRW. Now i get them whenever disk usage is up and what ends up
happening is none of my drives running in dma mode. Is this some effect of
enabling the UDMA features of the promise card ? If i compiled the kernel
without these UDMA features on the promise card, would it fix the problem? I
have 5 drives now, 3 are UDMA4 drives and 1 (secondary slave) is a cdrom
using DMA. I can move this to the secondary channel of the promise card if
that will help. Is there any way to predict if you're going to have trouble
with DMA's?
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