Re: Annoying kernel behaviour

From: Colonel (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 06:46:55 EST

In clouddancer.list.kernel, you wrote:

>bttv0: Bt848 (rev 18) at 00:0f.0, irq: 10, latency: 64, memory: 0xd79ff000

> ** ^^ this worked in 2.2.19 as
>bttv0: Brooktree Bt848 (rev 18) bus: 0, devfn: 88, irq: 11, memory:
>It shouldn't matter, as userspace programs should not be able te fuck te
>kernel over in such a complete instant deadlock. There is something

Ah, notice that the IRQ shifted? Perhaps there is something else on
irq 10, such as the SCSI controller? My video cards always end up on
that IRQ, perhaps the computer is still accessible via the network?

"Or heck, let's just make the VM a _real_ Neural Network, that self
trains itself to the load you put on the system. Hideously complex and
evil?  Well, why not wire up that roach on the floor, eating that stale
cheese doodle. It can't do any worse job on VM that some of the VM
patches I've seen..."  -- Jason McMullan

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