strange Bug in 2.4.6pre5

From: Thomas Kotzian (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 06:01:56 EST

I have a Athlon-1333/266 FSB , MSI K7T Turbo Motherboard and 512 MB Memory
PC133, 3x Promise Ultra 100, 1 IBM Harddrive as systemdisk, 5 Maxtor
80GB(@promise), 1 Geforce MX graphicscard (no nvidia driver), 1 AHA-2940UW
(nothing attatched)
Base distribution: SuSE 7.1 with all updates applied.

Here comes the bugdescription:
i had a bug with unmounting reiserfs partitions at shutdown - with the fix
from namesys for the super.c it works. - why hasn't this patch been

Now comes the real bug:
when i shutdown from normal runlevel the system goes down - and when it
prints "restarting the system" - it freezes .... - no sysrq - the cursor
stops blinking ... -

this happens with and without vesa framebuffer, with and without apm

but when i do the following: - it works normally
change to runlevel S.
so a sysrq - S + U + B - all gets synced and unmounted and restarted with no
errors .... - no waiting

btw, the Kernel has to be compiled as a pentiumII - platform kernel - athlon
doesn't work - stops at random places with operand 0000 and some other
messages... - with ac16 theses messages appear even under pentium -platform
specification ....

attached is my "working" kernel config.

i try another kernel if you like - and i can do testing .... - whatever you
want ....


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