Any limitations on bigmem usage?

From: Matt Nelson (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 19:18:09 EST

I am about to embark on a data processing software project that will require a
LOT of memory (about, ohhh, 6GB or so), and I was wondering if there are any
limitations to how one can use very large chunks of memory under Linux.
Specifically, is there anything to prevent me from malloc()ing 6GB of memory,
then accessing that memory as I would any other buffer? FYI, the application
will be buffering a stream of data, then performing a variety of calculations on
large blocks of data at a time, before writing it out to a socket.

I've been eyeing an 8-way Intel box with gobs of memory, but if there are subtle
issues with using that much memory, I need to know now.

I haven't seen this specifcally addressed, so I figured I should ask you folk.
Any insights/comments/reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.



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