added a new feature: disable pc speaker

From: Nico Schottelius (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 06:37:08 EST

Hi guys!

I have searched a long time for a method to disable the internal
speaker for every application, every daemon and so on.
With the help of [] I have found the right file :


Now I have made some changes to this file (from 2.4.4 kernel).
I wanted to ask you whether you can/will put this feature into the next
kernel release (f.i. 2.4.5).
Below is a description of what I did, hope I changed the right
files and didn't brake any kernel structure...
That's also the reason I don't send a diff.



1. Changed vt.c (diff attached)
2. Changed arch/{i386,alpha,ppc,arm,mips}/ :

if [ "$CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL" = "y" ]; then
   bool ' Disable the PC-Speaker' CONFIG_DISABLE_PC_SPEAKER

(should be the last item of the 'General Setup' Menu)

3. Changed init/main.c (diff attached)
4. wrote text for


Disables the Internal (PC) speaker
  Whenever you don't want your computer to be able to beep,
  choose this option. Not selected, the computer will be able
  to beep.

  Attention: This will not catch the beeps made directly by the
  BIOS (mostly this happens when using a notebook and pressing
  special key codes). To disable this "BIOS-beep" enter the
  BIOS and change it there.

  If you are unsure, say N to this.


If you allow this thing to get into the kernel, could
Axel Bold ( as found in
put this text into the file ?

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