NWFS broken on 2.4.3 -- someone removed WRITERAW

From: Jeff V. Merkey (jmerkey@vger.timpanogas.org)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 17:37:25 EST

Hey guys,

Whomever removed WRITERAW has broken NWFS. WRITE requests call
_refile_buffer() after the I/O request and take my locally created
buffer heads and munge them back into the linux buffer cache, causing
massive memory corruption in the system. These buffers don't belong
in Linus' buffer cache, they are owned by my LRU and ll_rw_block
should not be blindly filing them back into the buffer cache.

Please put something back in to allow me to write without the buffer
heads always getting filed into Linus' buffer cache. This has
broken NWFS on 2.4.3 and above.

As for using Linus' buffer cache, until you put in the ability to
create logical block mapping instead of physical, I will not be
able to use it. Hopefully, this will make it in 2.5. I have some
folks trying to use this with 2.4.3 and they are dead in the water
until this gets addressed.


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