Proper way to release binary-only driver?

From: Miller, Brendan (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 05:58:34 EST

I have the need to distribute a binary-only driver (no flames, please), but
I am not certain how to build it so that it can be used on multiple kernel
versions. (Or is this impossible?)

I didn't find any "HOWTO (or recommendation) for proper binary-only driver
release etiquette", so if there are some preferred means, please let me

I specifically had issues with the whole MODVERSIONS thing. I can include
<linux/verion.h> and <linux/config.h> to get the right CONFIG_MODVERSIONS
macro definitions, and then include <linux/modversions.h> as appropriate.
The end result is a driver with symbols whose names are mangled to match the
modversion-enabled mangling of a modversion-enabled kernel. This is good if
I release on the same kernel version.

Obviously, if I use a different kernel the module refuses to load. My first
guess was to get rid of the module-versioning stuff so that the symbols are
not mangled, and this seems to work, except that I must use insmod -f module
for kernels with a different version than what I built with.

So, if there are guides that I didn't find, or ones on this list that
someone things I should use, please let me know. Or at least comment on my
chosen way of doing things. It's this sort of thing that reinforces a
source form driver is the way to release stuff--then it can be built
alongside the user's kernel tree...

Please cc: me as I am not subscribed.

Brendan Miller
Dialogic, An Intel Company

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