Linux connectivity trashed.

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 08:34:06 EST

This is for information only.

Last week a standard RH distribution of Linux was rooted from what looks
like a Russian invasion. The penetration used the method taught in the CERT
Advisory CA-2000-17.

The intruder(s) then attempted to perform additional penetrations from this
site. One of the sites attacked was alleged to be Raytheon. Raytheon makes
products for national security such as guided missiles.

I was told that Raytheon is now suing this company. Therefore all Linux
are being denied access to the Internet.

The penetration occurred because somebody changed our firewall
so that all of the non-DHCP addresses, i.e., all the real IP addresses had
connectivity to the outside world. This meant that every Linux and Sun
in this facility was exposed to tampering from anywhere in the world. This
to be part of a plan to remove all non-DHCP machines by getting them
In other words, we were set up to take a hard fall because no machine that
NFS mounts can be safely exposed to the outside world without blocking

There is a concerted effort to eliminate both Sun Workstations and Linux
as tools in this facility. This happens as the "yuppies", who have never,
ever, contributed
to product development are Peter-Principled into positions of authority.

The email addresses of those who have declared that only Windows machines
be allowed access to the outside world are:

    Thor T. Wallace
    David Pothier

David Pothier was a beta tester for Windows/NT. Of course he wants all
machines to
be Windows and, naturally, under his control.

Thor Wallace is our new "security" administrator so I am told.

The only Linux advocate in a position of authority is:

   Alex Shekhel

So, now I hooked up my lap-top, installed Windows.... and here I am. Only
machines are allowed to access the outside world.


    Richard B. Johnson

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