Per user private directories - trfs

From: Amit S. Kale (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 10:14:17 EST


Translators for providing per user private directories and restricting
visibility of files and directories using the translation filesystem are
available now at

Per user private directories:
Files created in a per user private directory are not visible to users
other than the owner of the files. Per user view enables users to use shared
directories as if they were private. Using a peruser view for a shared
directory like /tmp allows users to have their own copy of the directory.
It also helps reduce contention for directories like /var/spool/mail that
undergo a large number of file creations and removals.

Restricted visibility of files and directories:
Owner of a file can make it invisible to group (of the file) or others by
restricting its visibility. A directory listing by a user shows only those
files which are visibile to the user. Invisible files cannot be accessed
even by using a stat system call.

Amit S. Kale

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