DPT Driver Status

From: Dalton Calford (dcalford@distributel.ca)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 01:32:18 EST

I have searched the archives, hunted through the adaptec site, tried
multiple patches, compilers, revisions.....

I have a DPT/Adaptec DPT RAID V century card. This has been a topic of
much discussion in the past on this list.

What I have found is that almost every file I find has a patch that is 6
months old at best.

I even contacted Deanna Bonds at Adaptec, but she has been unresponsive.

Does anyone have a working patch for the 2.2.18 kernel?
What is the most stable version of the kernel for the use of the patch?

Has the native i2o driver been updated to handle what the dpt card is

thanks in advance

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