Linux 2.4.3

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 21:35:30 EST

Attempts to run linux-2.4.3-pre2 on results
in **MASSIVE** file-system destruction. I have (had) all SCSI
disks, using the BusLogic controller.

There is something **MAJOR** going on BAD, BAD, BAD, even disks
that were not mounted got trashed.

This is (was) a 400MHz SMP machine with 256 Mb of RAM. I don't
know what else to say, since I have nothing to mount. I can
"get back" but it will take several days. I have to install a
minimum system then restore everything from tapes.

I -- S T R O N G L Y -- suggest that nobody use this kernel with
a BusLogic SCSI controller until this problem is fixed.

This is being sent from another machine, not on the list (actually
from home where I am trying to see what happened -- I brought all
4 of my disks home). It looks like some kind of a loop. I have
a pattern written throughout one of the disks.


Dick Johnson

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