How-To for PPPoE in v2.4.x?

Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 20:20:59 EST

Is there a How-To for getting the Linux v2.4.x PPPoE support to work?
I've searched for info but have mostly found sketchy references on getting
PPPoE to work with the v2.2 kernel.

My system is running RedHat v6.2 and the v2.4.2 Linux kernel. I've built
PPP and PPPoE support into the kernel and I've installed the v2.4.0 PPP
software. I've got the /dev/ppp created by the RedHat installation and I
see "pppoe" in the /proc/drivers list of drivers.

I've got a (PCMCIA-based) NIC that I know works as a plain non-PPPoE
device under v2.4.x.

So what do I do now? Do I have to patch pppd to utilize the kernel's
new PPPoE support? Do I have to create a /dev/pppoe devnode?

While I have a lot of experience with Ethernet networking on Linux, I am a
total PPP (let alone PPPoE) newbie. Please be gentle. :-)

Thank you.
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