2001-02-28 release of hotplug scripts

From: Greg KH (greg@kroah.com)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 15:18:31 EST

I've just packaged up the latest hotplug scripts into a release, and
they can be found at:
depending on which format you prefer.

The package fixes some problems that kept the last release from working
properly on RedHat 6.x based machines. There is also a bit of RedHat
init script assumptions in the package, due to the support of patches
from RedHat engineers :)
If people have problems with other distro bases, please let us know on
the linux-hotplug-devel mailing list.

Changes in this version from the last release are:
        - added keyspan to the list of modules to be unloaded
        - more network interface special cases: lo, plip
        - cleanup, enable '#' comment lines (Gioele Barabuci)
        - add 'usbcore' and comments to usb.handmap for hub device class
        - cope with bash1 vs bash2 issue ("unset IFS")
        - add /etc/hotplug/blacklist
        - update README
        - added patch from Trond Glomsrød to make the scripts able to
          handle i18n properly. Might not work so well on older
          initscript packages, especially non-redhat based systems.
          Tweaked the patch to handle different locations of the
          'functions' script.
        - added patch from Trond Glomsrød to keep the ppp, ippp, and
          isdn network interfaces from being called in the network
        - added patch from Adam Richter that removes dependency on /tmp
          being writable.

greg k-h

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