Problem with ramdisk driver 2.4.2

From: Dupuis, Don (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 10:31:35 EST

This problem still appears in 2.4.2-ac6.

I have a 64k vfat filesystem image file. I use the following commands to
reproduce this problem.

dd if=file.bin of=/dev/ram0 bs=1024
mount /dev/ram0 /mnt -t vfat

I can do a ls -l /mnt and the filesystem looks correct. If I do a file * in
the /mnt directory, I will get a segmentation fault. This worked just fine
on a 2.2.17 kernel. Also if I do the following commands

dd if=file.bin of=/dev/ram1 bs=1024
mount -o loop /dev/ram1 /test -t vfat
it works, but the ls -l of /test is gargabe mixed with correct file names.
Accessing a filename will also cause a segmentation fault. This also worked
just fine on a 2.2.17 kernel. Any idea what is wrong with the ramdisk
driver rd.c?


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