loop hang in 2.4.2 solved in 2.4.2-ac5

From: Nick Urbanik (nicku@vtc.edu.hk)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 09:10:15 EST

Dear folks,

Our server was unable to mount or umount loop devices mounting iso
images; the same problem occurred in 2.4.2-pre[34] and 2.4.2: an
absolute disaster for us; we had to reboot to another kernel just to
make initrd images to boot off SCSI, let alone make software available
to our staff and students.

Now 2.4.2-ac5 works beautifully for us. Thank you to Jens Axboe, Andrea
Arcangeli and Al Viro. And Alan for putting it together.

Nick Urbanik, Dept. of Computing and Mathematics
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)
email: nicku@vtc.edu.hk
Tel:   (852) 2436 8576, (852) 2436 8579   Fax: (852) 2435 1406
pgp ID: 7529555D fingerprint: 53 B6 6D 73 52 EE 1F EE EC F8 21 98 45 1C 23 7B

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