Re: -ac6 mis-reports cpu clock

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 04:56:21 EST

> here is an extract from dmesg from 2.4.2 and -ac6,
> showing a disparity in cpu clock speed..
> -ac6 has inserted a line claiming my clock is 400Mhz
> (it is actually 533 -- and i believe my fsb is 133).
> i don't think i compiled these two radically
> differently. what could i have done wrong to cause
> this? or has -ac6 introduced a bug of some sort?

ac6 reads the clock speed data from the CPU and also compares it with the
running clock speed. So it thinks you have a chip intended for a 100Mhz
bus. (multiplier 4 FSB 100).

There are two possible causes for that result

#1 You are running a 400/100 component at 533/133
#2 The bus clock tables for intel are subtly different to the ones
        we've managed to deduce so far (Its not properly documented)


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