Re: Wine + kernel ?? How to do that?

From: David Howells (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 03:32:25 EST wrote:
> hey, I hear that wine ( windows emulator ) can port into kernel and make
> it running faster, How can I do it?
> or anyone can make a patch to add wine code into kernel?
> waiting for answer, Thanks

I've been writing one to provide all the Windows kernel objects in Linux
kernel space (the speed up appears as though it should be impressive). It is,
however, not entirely complete yet. You can grab a copy by CVS from the wine

        cvs login
          (the password is cvs)
        cvs -z3 checkout kernel-win32

Or you can browse it:

The numbers are looking good: the system call latency appears to be about half
that of Win2000 on the same box! (however, use this number with caution).

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