Alternative driver for Lucent 802.11 cards

From: David Gibson (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 00:04:39 EST

I've written a driver for the Lucent and Cabletron 802.11 cards, to
replace the wvlan_cs driver. I'm looking for people to test this
driver with as many card/firmware variations as possible.

The new driver doesn't use the Lucent HCF-Light code, and as a
consequence the code should be easier to follow. The locking is also
slightly more sophisticated in that this driver shouldn't leave IRQs
disabled for long periods of time like wvlan_cs can.

The driver is basically complete, although it lacks a few features of
wvlan_cs (some less used iwconfig settings). Currently it supports the
Lucent and Cabletron cards, and it partially works (no WEP) on at
least one Prism based card (the Farallon Skyline). I hope to make it
support the Apple Airport cards as well, eventually.

wvlan_cs, the linux-wlan driver and the NetBSD if_wi driver were all
used quite heavily as references in writing this driver. This driver
is written (currently) strictly for use with 2.4 - it won't work with
2.2 or with the out-of-the-kernel pcmcia modules (mostly for trivial

Currently it's not nicely packaged. The various files can be grabbed
How to build and install the driver is left as an exercise to the

David Gibson, Technical Support Engineer, Linuxcare, Inc.
+61 2 6262 8990 
Linuxcare. Putting open source to work.
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