RE: [patch] patch-2.4.2-irda1 (irda-usb)

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 22:43:05 EST

> From: Jean Tourrilhes []
> First thanks for Dag for bringing me into the conversation. I
> may add my little bit of spice, especially that I was the one pushing
> for having the driver in .../drivers/net/irda.
> By the way, Greg, sorry if I hurt your feeling, I don't want
> to put down any of the great work that has been done on the USB stack.
> My feeling is that devices are mostly defined by their higher
> level interface, because this is what is closer to the user.
> If I look at a Pcmcia Ethernet card, I will tend to associate
> more with a PCI Ethernet card rather than a Pcmcia SCSI card. Both
> card have the same high level interface (TCP/IP) even if their low
> level interface is different (Pcmcia, PCI).
> People tend to agree with that, and that's why you have
> directories called drivers/net, drivers/scsi and driver/sound, rather
> that drivers/pci, drivers/isa, drivers/mca and drivers/pcmcia.
> If I get an IrDA-USB dongle, the feature that matter the most
> is that it does IrDA, the fact that it connect to my PC via USB is
> rather secondary.
> That's it. I hope it explain some of the rationale and why we
> departed from the usual drivers/usb arrangement. Actually, I think
> that stuffing all USB drivers in drivers/usb is not that great, but
> that's not my call...

That has been discussed & Linus like[ds] it that way.

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