Re: [PATCH] quick reboot on i386

From: Oswald Buddenhagen (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 15:44:40 EST

> > remember quarterdeck's quickreboot from "good" (*cough*) old D{o|O}S
> > days? here it is for linux! it's only of limited use, especially
> > in it's current state, but some people might find it useful.
> Hmm, I'm probably going to apply this one, as I hate behaviour of my
> bios: if you power off during POST it will not come up next time
> asking for you to adjust CPU frequency.
"nice" bios ... :-/
so now pray, that your hardware configuration allows a second boot
without being reset. (yes, this is the downside of qreboot).
to make it work always, we would need a "deep" reset of at least the
pci and isa-pnp busses, presumably a chipset reset. sadly, i have
no idea, how to do this. possibly this would require an additional
reset function for every chipset. anyone can add something useful here?

best regards

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