Re: ISO-8859-1 completeness of kernel fonts?

From: Thorsten Glaser Geuer (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 15:05:53 EST

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Subject: Re: ISO-8859-1 completeness of kernel fonts?

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> By author: "Thorsten Glaser Geuer" <>
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> >
> > My second suggestion: code it as .psfu and load it by setfont, including
> > the appropiate console-map. AFAIK all the kernel default fonts are cp437
> > (linux/drivers/char/cp437.uni; consolemap.*)
> >
> Something that would be really good is if someone could contribute PSF
> (v1 and v2) support for gfe <>
> or some other free font editor.
> -hpa

I always do it by a BASIC programme under DOS (yep I know
this isn't pure but I have a font editor from S-DOS aka
PTS-DOS (the free version)). The SFE.COM allows me to design
8x8 8x12 8x14 8x16 fonts; the unicode table I write in the
MC or VC (NC clone for DOS) editor; my BASIC pgm converts
them together to PSFU. It's very easy once you read the psf
It's a pity that I've to mkfs the DOS partitions of my HDDs
every handfull of weeks, otherwise I'd put them onto a ftp
server somewhere. But I call you to try it by yourself.
(perl prolly isn't that easy coz it goes to binary values,
but GW-BASIC is fine)


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