Memory allocation

From: Ivan Stepnikov (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 11:55:54 EST

I encountered with problem: one process can not allocate more then 2Gb of
memory. Kernel compiled with CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y, CONFIG_HIGHMEM=y. Kernel is

As far as I know on i386 linux process has got 32 bit address space. It
means that actually about 3Gb of memory should be available.

I tried to call getrlimit(). It shows only 2G available memory and there is
no way to increase it.

Could you say me are there any solutions? Might be on i386 linux process can
not use more than 2Gb of memory de facto? But I don't see the reason for it:
there is unsigned long type uses everywhere in kernel sources for memory

Ivan Stepnikov.

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