Re: linux 2.2.19pre14 is marked as pre13, plus some config/other problems. (fwd)

From: M Sweger (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 06:56:02 EST

> A). The version of the linux 2.2.19pre14 on 2.2.18
> is compiling and saying it is pre13. Thus the
> make file has the wrong version.

Yep. Harmless

> B). After doing "make menuconfig". The textboxes
> displayed for the menu options "Processor family"
> and "Maximum Physical memory" are displayed
> incorrectly (half missing).
> If I move the keyboard cursor arrow up and down
> for each of the above menus, then the display is
> redrawn with all of the missing menu options, color
> and graphics. Note: I have libcurses v5.0beta1 which
> didn't have problems in linux 2.2.19pre5 or earlier.

I cant support beta curses libraries. The code was changed so that the
hardware cursor accurately reflected the position of the menu item. That is
vital to blind users

> C). Errors during "make dep".
> note: I have md5sum from textutils v1.22.
> If my config file will help here, I can send it.

The md5sum one is also ok. The ISDN code in 2.2.19pre14 isnt certified or
intended to be


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