Re: New net features for added performance

From: Andi Kleen (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 19:03:36 EST

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 03:48:31PM -0800, David S. Miller wrote:
> Andi Kleen writes:
> > 4) Better support for aligned RX by only copying the header
> Andi you can make this now:
> 1) Add new "post-header data pointer" field in SKB.

That would imply to let the drivers parse all headers to figure out the length.
I think it's better to have a "header base" and "data base" pointer.
The driver would just copy some standard size that likely contains all of
the header
When you're finished with the header use
skb->database+(skb->hdrptr-skb->hdrbase) to get the start of data.

Or did I misunderstand you?

> 3) Enforce correct usage of it in all the networking :-)

,) -- the tricky part.

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