linux 2.2.19pre14 SCSI v5.1.33 patch AIC7895 comments.

From: M Sweger (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 17:02:25 EST

Hello Doug,

    Just to let you know that I've upgraded from linux 2.2.19pre5
to linux 2.2.19pre14 and here is an updated status.

1). My machine is a Dell optiplex 333mhz Intel with a 2940U2W AIC-7895
    chipset and SCSI BIOS v1.33S2 (where S means special Dell stuff)

2). This newer patch includes the new scsi driver
    v5.1.33/3.2.4 instead of the old one v5.1.31/3.2.4.

3). Earlier, I emailed you about a,
     "Data overrun in data-in phase, tag 1;
      Have seen Data Phase. Length=255, NumSGs=1.
      sg[0] - Addr = 0x7fea380 : Length 255"
error message during bootup for linux kernels 2.2.15-2.2.19pre5.

4). HOWEVER, with this newer patch, the "data overrun" error messages
    disappear. I've recompiled with TCQ enabled and disabled and with
    the TCQ queue size 8 and 24 and no boot problem was encountered.
    Moreover, there wasn't any problems running it on UMSDOS with
    a Western Digital 9.1 Gig SCSI drive.

    I wonder what changed that eliminated this data overrun problem
    in this newer SCSI driver v5.1.33? The Changelog doesn't seem
    to hint at a fix in this area.

Things look good to go.


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