[patch] highmem-2.4.2-A0

From: Ingo Molnar (mingo@elte.hu)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 15:44:16 EST

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> The highmem changes in 2.4.2ac3 has a couple of bugs, one relevant
> that can generate deadlocks (re-enable interrupts with io_request_lock
> acquired).

oops, right, the emergency-pool patch was just a quick hack to check
whether this is the final problem affecting RL highmem systems.

the attached highmem-2.4.2-A0 patch does the jist of your fixes, against
-ac4. Differences: no need to complicate highmem.c with pool-fillup on
bootup. It will get refilled after the first disk-accesses anyway.

i'm unsure about the other changes done by your patch, could you explain
them? Notably the pgalloc-3level.h and fault.c changes. Thanks,


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