"io mapaddr 0xXXXXX not valid" in smc-mca in 2.4.x

From: Stephen Mollett (molletts@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 10:42:28 EST

In kernel version 2.4.x (x from 0 to 2-ac3), the
smc-mca driver gives many errors like the following on
the console log:

io mapaddr 0xXXXXX not valid at smc-mca.c:YYY!

where XXXXX is an address within the shared-memory
assigned to the adapter card, and YYY is 378, 398 or

I have tested the driver on two IBM MCA systems - a
9577 and an 8590. I have tried three different network
adapters in each machine:

WD Ethercard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A)
SMC Ethercard PLUS Elite/A BNC/AUI (WD8013EP/A)
SMC Ethercard PLUS Elite/A UTP/AUI (WD8013WP/A)

All the adapters give the errors, in both machines.
All adapters and both PS/2s are known to be good with
kernel 2.2.17.

* please cc any responses to me <molletts@yahoo.com>
as I do not subscribe to the list.

Stephen Mollett

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