Re: 128MB lost... where ?

From: Giuliano Pochini (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 10:27:52 EST

>when you compile your 2.4.x kernel make sure you set the "4G of RAM"
>option, i.e. CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G. If you chose "up to 1G" then it means "up
>to 986M" (or something like that) -- the number in Help is just rounded up
>to confuse the dummy user :)

Ok, I tried it, but it doesn't boot. It doesn't show errors during
init, but then it can't execute anything. The boot sequence stops with
"cannot exec modprobe...." repeated hundreds times.
Yes, modutils are the latest version.

(ASUS cur-dls, dual-833. It runs a Slackware 7.1 + some updates.
Kernel 2.4.2-SMP compiled with egcs-2.91.66.)

    Giuliano Pochini ->)|(<- Shiny Corporation {AS6665} ->)|(<-

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