IDE-TAPE (Onstream DI-30) problems 2.4.*

Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 10:11:00 EST

Hi folks:

Since upgrading to 2.4.* from 2.2.18 (with ide-patches to support
my Onstream DI30) I've seen some wierd behavior. When I back up my
filesystem to tape using tar, it seems to interfere with the network,
or something. In particular, I run vncserver on the host and connect via
vncviewer from another host. Shortly after I start the tape backup, the
vncviewer closes. I can reconnect to it but shortly after, it will close
again. The vncserver process continues to run. I can always reconnect
to it but the connection will be terminated after a short period of time.
When the tape backup stops, vnc returns to normal. I haven't observed
the problem with any applications than vnc (yet). There are no messages
in the syslog to indicate anything abnormal is occurring.

Here's what I see at boot-up:

Feb 25 22:39:08 camera1 kernel: ide-tape: hdc <-> ht0: OnStream DI-30 rev 1.06
Feb 25 22:39:08 camera1 kernel: ide-tape: hdc <-> ht0: 990KBps, 64*32kB buffer, 10208kB pipeline, 60ms tDSC, DMA

David Konerding
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