[PATCH] quick reboot on i386

From: Oswald Buddenhagen (ob6@inf.tu-dresden.de)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 06:49:31 EST

hi there,

remember quarterdeck's quickreboot from "good" (*cough*) old D{o|O}S
days? here it is for linux! it's only of limited use, especially
in it's current state, but some people might find it useful.

the first patch is the kernel patch. note, that it makes qreboot the
default, if you specify reboot=q on the kernel command line.
to enforce a long (i.e., normal) reboot, you need a modified version
of sysvinit - this is the second patch. it is a bit debian-specific
(in the script part), but this shouldn't matter much.

have fun!

best regards

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