[PATCH] serial drivers: get rid of panic() call

From: Andrey Panin (pazke@orbita.don.sitek.net)
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 08:30:08 EST

Hi all,

please take a look at attached patches (2.4.2-ac1):

cyclades.c: remove panic() calls;

serial.c: ioremap() checks, better error handling in start_pci_pnp_board() function
(dectivate/deinit device on failire), remove panic() calls.

Also I have some questions:
 - trying to remove panic() from epca.c I found that it calls tty_register_driver()
3 times and tty_unregister_driver() 2 times (registers pc_driver, pc_callout and
pc_info, but unregisters only first two). BUG ?

 - is here any sane reason (this question also about epca.c) to detect PCI devices
before tty_register_driver() calls ?

 - amiserial.c calls requesst_irq() for IRQ_AMIGA_TBE and IRQ_AMIGA_RBF, but
doesn't free then on unload and doesn't check return values. BUG too ?

I don't know anything about Amiga's, so last question can be horribly stupid :))

Best regards.

Andrey Panin            | Embedded systems software engineer
pazke@orbita1.ru        | PGP key: http://www.orbita1.ru/~pazke/AndreyPanin.asc

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