Re: PROBLEM: Network hanging - Tulip driver with Netgear (Lite-On)

From: Pat Verner (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 02:45:32 EST

26 Feb 2001:
Rebuilt the kernel to version 2.4.2-ac4, to include the latest tulip patches.

The performance is better, but it is still not quite right; this time it
received just over 48 MBytes before hanging :-(

Using a 3C590B card on Friday, I ran IPTRAF for about 6 hours, and several
GBytes of data with no problems at all. Unfortunately I have only one such
card available, and our suppliers are quoting mid-March for delivery.

At 10:42 AM 22/02/2001 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > three Netgear NICs and am experiencing considerable trouble with the=20
> > combination:
> >
> > Kernel 2.4.[01]: ifconfig shows that the card see's traffic on t=
> > he=20
> > network, but does not transmit anything (no response to ping).
>Use a current 2.4.*-ac. Jeff and co fixed this we think.

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