Re: Should isa-pnp utilize the PnP BIOS?

From: Jonathan Morton (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 19:24:20 EST

>> Would it not be useful if the isa-pnp driver would fall back
>> to utilizing the PnP BIOS (if possible) in order to read and
>I would find this EXTREMELY usefull... my Compaq laptop's
>hot-dock with power eject will only work if Linux uses
>PnP BIOS's insert/eject methods.
>I saw some code in early 2.3 that would talk to bios, i still have
>a tarball, but it seems 2.4 only does hardware banging (best in
>*most* cases...)

There are some desktop m/boards that don't seem to respond to the
kernel-mode ISA-PnP at the moment, too. Particularly my Abit KT7 - I have
to use user-mode ISA-PnP for it to pick up my nice SB AWE-64. This needs
fixing somehow, and maybe looking at the PnP BIOS stuff is the right way.

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