2.4.2-ac3 IDE-Module-Deadlock on DEC Alpha

From: Sven Koch (haegar@sdinet.de)
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 00:35:42 EST


Machine: DEC Alpha XL300 (Alcor/XLT)
         boots from scsi, and ide is used modular
IDE-Controller: Promise ATA100 controller (PCI card)
                bios knows absolutely nothing about IDE
                (there aren't even options to set drive geometry etc)

Deadlocks on loading the ide-modules with

        modprobe ide-probe-mod || return=$rc_failed
        modprobe ide-disk || return=$rc_failed

(Nothing in the logs, no visible output on the screen)

Applying Andre Hedrick's ide.2.4.1-p8.all.01172001.patch.gz fixes it -
with this patch ide works like a charm - thanks for your good work Andre!

more info's available on request



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