Re: 3c59x in 2.4.{0,1,2}

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 00:04:42 EST

Igor Mozetic wrote:
> There is probably just some miscoordination between the kernel
> mainteiners, but anyway. The 3c59x driver shipped with all
> official 2.4.x kernels lacks the 'medialock' feature.
> The result on 3c900 10M/combo cards can be unpleasant:
> kernel log fills up quickly and only reboot helps.
> However, Andrew's unofficial drivers at
> work fine so this is
> just a plea to include them into the official kernel.

The latest 3c59x driver is in the zerocopy patch, as well
as at the above site.

Until things converge I'd suggest that you run a zerocopy
kernel rather than updating just the driver. We need the

Alexey has done wonders recently, and for 3com cards
a zerocopy kernel now performs at least as well as
a stock kernel.
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