Re: PCI oddities on Dell Inspiron 5000e w/ 2.4.x

From: Jeff Lessem (Jeff.Lessem@Colorado.EDU)
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 04:41:51 EST

In your message of: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 09:48:04 PST, you write:
>The much more likely cause is the "magic registers" for the Texas
>Instruments PCI1225, namely
> works broken
> 81: b0 90
> a8: 11 10
>Although it worries me a bit that your second controller also seems to
>have differences in the BridgeCtl thing (16bInt).
>Can you try if a broken setup is fixed by doing a
> setpci -s 00.04.0 81.b=b0
> setpci -s 00.04.0 a8.b=11
> setpci -s 00.04.1 81.b=b0
> setpci -s 00.04.1 81.b=11

I ran setpci -s 00:04.0 81.b=b0, etc., but it didn't make any
difference. Checking with lspci -vvxxx after running setpci it
appears that register 81 and a8 have stayed at 90 and 10 despite
setpci running without an error, using -G and -v setpci claims to be
running through /proc/bus/pci and adjusting the appropriate location.
Either I am making a fundamental error (yes, I am running it as root)
or the changes simply don't matter.

>Also, how much memory does this machine have? That "13ff0000" does worry
>me a bit..

The comptuer has 320MB. At this point I am ready to conclude that the
computer is broken in some way, because nobody else with an Inspiron
5000e that I have heard from has anything like this problem.

I really appreciate the help everybody is providing with what is
really only an annoyance, and I wouldn't have even brought it to the
attention of linux-kernel, except that something that changed between
2.2.17 and 2.4.x has produced a regression in functionality. If
anybody thinks it would be useful, I would be willing to do a binary
search between 2.2.17 and 2.4.2 to find out at which release things
stopped being setup correctly.

Jeff Lessem.
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