[OTP] SMP board recommendations?

From: David D.W. Downey (pgpkeys@hislinuxbox.com)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 19:38:37 EST

Anyone have a recommendation for a motherboard for a homebased SMP box?

I've tried the Abit VP6 and the MSI 6321 (694D Pro). Both give me the APIC
errors with system lockups on heavy I/O using the 2.4.1-ac1# and the
2.4.2-pre# kernels. (The ac-## line doesn't die ANYWHERE near as often as
the other board.)

I'm looking into the i810 server board with the onboard SCSI controllers.
I plan on installing either the Promise PDC20267 ATA100 controller or a
Promise FastTrak RAID card (if they come in ATA100) since the only SCSI I
have is the Yamaha 8424S SCSI CDR-W.

Since this IS off topic of sorts, please reply to me privately. Thanks

David D.W. Downey - RHCE
Consulting Engineer
Ensim Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

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