Re: aic7xxx (and sym53c8xx) plans

From: Chip Salzenberg (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 15:28:36 EST

According to J . A . Magallon:
> Please, I think it would be much more useful a patch against the latest
> 2.2.19-pre (if that one for 2.2.18 does not work, I have not tried)
> and the latest 2.4.1-ac14, that is what people experiments with.

There's no end of versions that people use.

Might I suggest that Justin imitate the maintainers of lm_sensors, and
create a program (shell script, Perl program, whatever) that *creates*
a patch against any given Linux source tree? Obviously it could break
in the face of weird trees, but even minimal flexibility would save him
a lot of work ...

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