RE: Linux stifles innovation...

From: Alan Olsen (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 15:20:37 EST

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, David D.W. Downey wrote:

> Seriously though folks, look at who's doing this!
> They've already tried once to sue 'Linux', were told they couldn't because
> Linux is a non-entity (or at least one that they can not effectively sue
> due to the classification Linux holds), and now they can't use their
> second favorite tactic for stifling NON-M$ product lines.
> How? They can't BUY the linux code base OR any GPL's software to the point
> that they can bury it by buying and freezing the code from public use.
> We sort HAD to expect something like THIS to come. Though what DOES
> concern me is how effective this current ploy may be if they get ANY sort
> of backing from the government. (I doubt they will, but What If?)

I expect the next thing that will happen is that they will get patents on
key portions of their protocols and then start enforcing them.

With the various IP laws that have been passed in the last few years in
the US (and through WIPO) they will have a large brick to try and hit us
with. (IMHO these laws pretty much allow large entities to buy their
markets and are the biggest threat to innovation out there.)

> Let's hope EFF and FSF stay on their toes for this one. M$ doesn't have to
> win to really wipe our nose in stuff. They got the cash whereas we don't.
> ALTHOUGH, spending money to fight an idea or concept has never proven
> successful. And since the RESULTS of that idea or concept (in this case
> source code) are not suable AFAIK. So we got the upper hand there.

Actually I am sending copies of his rant out to all of my friends who
still use Microsoft products.

If that is the attitude they have towards their customers and the
development community then it is time to get away while you still can.

Of course, the reason I moved over all my development to Linux in the
first place what that I did not have to worry about being screwed over by
a "corporate strategy" or have the license terms changed on the next
release or have to pay for something over and over again in the vain
attempt to get something to work.

With Linux I can read the source. There are no hidden interfaces. No
mystical archane knowledge that you have to pay the company to learn get
the job done. It is all there and it all works. (Or if it does not, then
the tools exist to make it work.)

I wonder what kind of law they will try to push to outlaw Open Source?

If this is his idea of "The American Way" then he needs to take a basic
civics course. He obviously slept through the last one. | Note to AOL users: for a quick shortcut to reply
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