hard lockup using 2.4.1ac-1, usb, uhci

From: Thomas Davis (tadavis@lbl.gov)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 13:57:26 EST

Hey, just found this one out.

I've got a sony vaio 505tx, running linux-2.4.1-ac1, and I've got all
the good stuff turned.

With APM turned, and using USB uhci-alt driver (all as modules), if you
put the laptop to sleep with any (and I mean *any*) usb devices plugged
in, it will hard lock upon resume.

Only way out is to power cycle the poor thing..

I'm going to update to a newer version of the kernel, and see if the
other uhci driver suffers from this fate..

Thomas Davis		| PDSF Project Leader
tadavis@lbl.gov		| 
(510) 486-4524		| "Only a petabyte of data this year?"
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