Re: Linux 2.4.1ac14

From: David Raufeisen (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 11:52:38 EST

After building/playing around with some java apps on this version, something
seems to have gone weird with X or the kernel..

david@prototype:~$ ps aux | grep X
root 267 0.9 99.9 167640 4294965764 ? S< 06:50 1:11 /usr/bin/X11/X vt7 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth :0

System seems mostly fine, a bit slow..

Nothing special in logs

prototype:~# free
             total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 126708 123856 2852 0 27836 71568
-/+ buffers/cache: 24452 102256
Swap: 554232 66596 487636

Would having the huge swap have anything to do with it? Needed it to install
oracle, but the blasted thing won't install anyway (Debian Sid).

On Thursday, 15 February 2001, at 14:30:15 (+0000),
Alan Cox wrote:

> 2.4.1-ac14
> o Fix tulip problems introduced by in ac13 (Manfred Spraul)
> o S/390x build fixes (Ulrich Weigand)
> o Fix off by one error in octagon driver (David Woodhouse)
> o Fix dasd driver for new queues (Holger Smolinksi)
> o Networking standards compliance fixes
> o Fix binary layout assumptions in sym53c416 (Arjan van de Ven)
> o tmpfs timestamps (Christoph Rohland)
> o Further mkdep changes (Keith Owens)
> o Fix 16bit vfat handling (OGAWA Hirofumi)
> o JIS nls fixes (OGAWA Hirofumi)
> o Handle more than 8 luns (Eric Youngdale,
> Doug Gilbert)
> o Minor scsi clean ups (Eric Youngdale)
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